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Iphone app Buzz
  • Architecture Magazine Mark, February 2012 - published an article with an overview and review of architecture-related applications for your mobile phone. News apps, inspiration-apps, photography apps, technical apps, UAR apps, you name it. The MIMOA iPhone app is also included. What the article confirms is that, amongst all these nice (or is it 'niche'?) apps, the one functionality that really adds to the mobile-world we now live in, is the 'guide-app'. Showing you what architecture is near you, when you're there. Making sure you will never again miss that one building, just around the corner. Read more here, on our blog.

  • Special Edition Digifoto Pro, March 2011 - Digifoto Pro published an interesting article about useful apps on architectural photography, writing about the MIMOA app: "This app offers a complete architecture guide on your iPhone. Four thousand buildings, interiors, squares, parks and bridges are included. Because as a user you are welcome to add information, the database grows every day. The information ranges of text, photographs and maps, using GPS to adapt to the place where you are. You can use the app online as an interactive guide and offline for reference. A small downside of the app is that extensive information on the architects of the depicted buildings missing. A nice detail is the option to share your favorite projects with friends."

  • Parool: MIMOA App of the Day ,1 December 2010 - The MIMOA iPhone APP was choosen ‘App of the day’ by the Amsterdam Newspaper Het Parool on December 1, 2010. We scored: Fun: ***** Useful: *** Interface: ****

  • Review of the MIMOA app by Appfreak ,9 June 2010 - Appfreak wrote an extensive review of our App titled 'Modern architecture freak? Find your favourite buildings with MIMOA'. "The service, as niche as it might be, is a fantastic alternative to other books or compendiums that architecture freaks like me collect... The beauty of MIMOA lays on the international side of it, being European entries prominently featured, but hoping that the use of the app on mobile devices will help to boost the amount of projects in other continents."

  • Dutch Innovative Lifestyle magazine Bright ,28 May 2010 - placed MIMOA in their headlines and was marked as 'download of the day': "MIMOA is one of the best architecture guides. Explore buildings in your travel destination or in your own town with the app of MIMOA, the user-generated site on modern architecture." (in Dutch: "Een van de beste architectuurgidsen. Verken gebouwen op je reisbestemming of in je eigen stad met de app van Mimoa, de user-generated site over moderne architectuur."

  • architecture blog Modern House Notes , 3 March 2010 - wrote a pre-launch-notice and advice to register on our newsletter, "All this personal information, reviews and opinions make it a terrific resource, and having it accessible on your phone is a great convenience."

  • Review of Architectureguide Iphone apps by a Daily Dose of Architecture , 6 January 2010 - Future MIMOA iPhone app compared to 4 different mobile applications.

  • Dutch Architecture Magazine De Architect wrote about the MIMOA Layar on November 12 - and published an overview of recent Mobile Architecture Applications, made in Holland, December 8, 2009. Both articles are in Dutch.

  • Weblog Arkinet 6 October 2009 - wrote about the MIMOA app on their weblog, Architecture through Augmented Reality: 'What architecture buff wouldn’t want to have their own portable point-and-shoot architecture guide at their fingertips?'.

What others wrote about MIMOA
  • National Newspaper NRC Next wrote a 2-page article about MIMOA , 16 March 2011 - in Dutch
    "Add your favorite building"
    ‘Zelfs een gebouw in de steigers is interessant’
    De online architectuurgids van de meiden van MIMOA
    Ze staan in de Nederlandse architectuurwereld inmiddels bekend als ‘de meiden van MIMOA’. Mieke Vullings (34) en Naomi Schiphorst (32) startten in 2007 met de online architectuurgids, waarvan de naam staat voor Mi Modern Architecture. Karin Quint schrijft er vandaag in de papieren nrc.next over.

  • News item by Heinze.de , 15 Februari 2010 - in German
    MIMOA - Architekturführer mit enormer Datenbank
    Der kostenlose Online-Architektur-Guide liefert beste Vorbereitungsmöglichkeiten für architekturinteressante Städtetrips.
    MIMOA zeigt moderne Architektur auf einer Karte – mit Adresse und weiteren wichtigen Informationen wie Öffnungszeiten und Wegbeschreibungen, um sehenswerte öffentliche Plätze, Parks, Gebäude und Brücken leicht finden und auch tatsächlich besichtigen zu können. Das Verzeichnis wird nicht von einer Redaktion, sondern von den Nutzern zusammengestellt, so dass jeder eingeladen ist, „seine“ Highlights, Bewertungen und Kommentare dort zu hinterlegen.
    Und die Idee funktioniert: Obwohl erst 2007 ins Leben gerufen, finden sich bei MIMOA im Vergleich zu redaktionell zusammengestellten Guide-Portalen weitaus mehr Objekte. Besonders praktisch für Kurzentschlossene: MIMOA ist auch als iPhone App verfügbar und kann so direkt vor Ort an die architektonisch interessantesten Plätze führen. Wer mit MIMOA den nächsten Städtetrip plant, wird keine Highlights verpassen

  • Several blogs and magazines wrote about the MIMOA EVENT 09, on October 31 in Rotterdam - Dutch Architecture Magazine de Architect wrote a long review. Dutchdfa and consultancy company LAgroup added a retrospective on their blog, and several websites like Bright, Arcguide and Fontanel added the Event to their event calendar.

  • Dutch Communications Office De Wijde Blik- wrote about MIMOA on their weblog, after a full afternoon presentation which we gave - in Dutch: "MIMOA - Een gat in de markt, zo blijkt. Binnen 1,5 jaar heeft MIMOA zich gevestigd met ruim 6.000 leden en meer dan 3.000 projecten. En groeit rap door. Een zeer interessante case dus voor de 'Blikverruiming', onze tweemaandelijkse meetings met als doel kennis uit te wisselen met een aantal opdrachtgevers en collega's."

  • JDS Architects wrote about MIMOA on their blog July 2009 - Finding your top architectural attractions is as easy as entering in your destination city. Copenhagen, show me wha’cha got!

  • Innovative Lifestyle Magazine Bright July 2009 - MIMOA was covered in the overview of Mo'Maps: Digital maps show more than the road from A to B. They lead you along the nicest buildings, give insight into the spread of torrent-trackers or even tell whole stories. - in Dutch
    Bright is the premium innovative lifestyle media brand in the Netherlands and Belgium covering and connecting digital technology, culture and design.

  • Magazine Sprout May 2009 - Mieke Vullings in the spotlight, a short artcle on how it all started and where we are heading to - in Dutch
    Sprout inspires and supports entrepeneurs in running and expanding their business. The platform includes a monthly printed magazine, a website, several weblogs and twice a week a newsletter (Sprout alert). Click here for a (free) submission on Sprout.

  • Webzine Leopon.co.kr 30 April 2009 - on popularization of architecture and the record of Seoul! 온라인 도시건축여행 가이드, MIMOA - in Korean

  • Weblog a barriga de um Arquitecto 22 April 2009 - Sexy Mi, about the Mi shirt competition - in Portugese and English

  • Weblog a-pixel 16 March 2009 - Mi Modern Architecture: un excelente buscador de arquitectura - in Spanish
    Por fin una base de datos de arquitectura contemporánea rigurosa, seria y visual. Se trata de www.mimoa.eu, una web que nace en Holanda con voluntad de crecer de forma colaborativa. De momento, incluye una digna base de datos de unos 2100 proyectos que brilla por su buena organización y búsqueda efectiva. Podemos buscar proyectos, diseñadores, equipos o incluso fotógrafos. La búsqueda puede ser por ubicación geográfica o/y por tipología edificatoria, algo que se echaba de menos en otras bases de datos y que nos hace fácil la planificación de un itinerario urbano para visitar arquitecturas recientes en nuestros viajes. Además de búsquedas precisas, podemos "hojear" (browse) cuando no sabemos muy bien qué buscamos y dejarnos llevar por sus sugerencias. De cada proyecto se muestran fotos y una inteligente selección de datos como la superficie, la fecha de construcción, la autoría, la tipología del edificio, una pequeña reseña, la longitud y latitud, etc... A webs como ésta no hay que perderles la pista.

  • Weblog Dutch Cowgirls 28 November 2008 - Hippe architectuur online: MIMOA! - in Dutch

  • Weblog KoopTech Kooperative Technologien in der sozial-medialen Revolution | 20 November 2008 - MIMOA, Architektur im Social Web - in German

  • Research Project Citizen Media 25 September 2008 - Picnic 08 Special: - user generated content services that intend to produce public value - are on the rise. However, business models have not matured yet. TNO Information and Communication Technology organised a session to identify viable business models for these kinds of services.

  • Weblog onlinejournalismus 25 September 2008 - Picnic 08-Notizen: Gemeinde-IPTV, öffentlich-rechtliches YouTube und Architektur-Fansite - in German

  • Magazine Frame 3 July 2008 - MIMOA in Google Earth

  • Weblog abarrigadeumarquitecto 3 July 2008 - MIMOA in Google Earth

  • Website Arqa.com 22 May 2008 -'Página web generada por los usuarios especializada en Arquitectura Moderna' - in Spanish

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  • The architecture site of the Netherlands Archined
    20 September 2007, in Dutch

  • Architecture Magazine Dwell - 19 September 2007

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  • Online magazine TrendsNow.net - 13 September 2007,
    in French

  • Weblog a barriga de um arquitecto - 13 September 2007,
    in Portugese and English

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Mapa europejskiej architektury
Google Maps to narzędzie, które w dobrych rękach może sprawić cuda. MIMOA, czyli My Modern Architecture to serwis Web 2.0, w którym sami użytkownicy tworzą mapę ciekawych obiektów architektonicznych w Europie. Podróżujesz? Jesteś zainteresowany architekturą? Sprawdź gdzie się wybrać, a po podróży dodaj opis perełek znalezionych przez Ciebie.
To użyteczne narzędzie jest dostępne online dopiero od pół roku. Choć to ciągle wersja beta MIMO’y to serwis rozwija się prężnie. Autorzy zaimplementowali już system komentarzy, dodawania zdjęć i oceniania poszczególnych obiektów i lokalizacji. Oczywiście interesujące nas budynki możemy oglądać „z satelity”, lub przejrzeć dokładną mapkę, która ułatwi nam dojazd na miejsce. Na dziś w bazie MIMOA jest już ponad 300 europejskich budynków, ale zaledwie pięć pochodzących z Polski. Bierzmy się więc do roboty! Mamy się przecież czym chwalić! Odwiedź serwis MIMOA.
On Miejsca.org: Architektura 22 August 2007

Read the English translation here

European Architecture Map
Google Maps is a tool that can do miracles in the right hands. MIMOA, My Modern Architecture, is a Web 2.0 service where users create a map of interesting architectural objects in Europe. Do you travel? Are you interested in architecture? Browse online noteworthy places to visit or contribute pearls of architecture found by you. This useful service is online for just half a year. It is still in beta phase yet it develops steadily. The authors implemented tools such as comments, photo contribution and rating system. Obviously objects of choice are available in Google satellite and map view as well. There is over 300 European buildings online and just 5 from Poland, so let's get to work as we have many to be proud of.

MIMOA - Moja nowoczesna architektura!
Przewodnik architektoniczny on-line działający pod adresem www.mimoa.eu jakoś omija łukiem szerokim Polskę. Jak piszą twórcy MIMOA - ma to być narzędzie dla tych wszystkich, którzy interesując się architekturą krążą po Europie poszukując nowych, ciekawych, inspirujących obiektów. Aby ułatwić im planowanie powstał pomysł na architektoniczny przewodnik on-line, który mają tworzyć użytkownicy portalu - po zarejestrowaniu się dodając zdjęcia, opis, autora projektu, godziny otwarcia itp.
Ponieważ wiemy, że między użytkownikami naszego serwisu jest wielu podróżników - prosimy podzielcie się z innymi  swoimi typami MIMOA.
On FTA Architektura Polska 20 July 2007

Read the English translation here

MIMOA: My modern architecture
The online architectural guide found at www.mimoa.eu somehow doesn't include Poland. According to MIMOA creators - it aims to be a tool for those interested in architecture who travel around Europe looking for new, interesting and inspirational projects. In order to facilitate planning visits, an idea for an online guide was born, a guide that will be created by users themselves, who after registering will be able to add pictures, building descriptions, project's author, opening hours etc.
Since we know that many users of our service are travelers we encourage you to share with others your own types of MIMOA.

MIMOA: The Online Architecture Guide
Google mapping can do such wonderful things; the latest is Mimoa, where Mieke and Naomi have built a website where you can plan your tour of European modern architecture. I searched under the keyword Green and found enough to keep me in posts for a month. Of course they are all pegged to maps so you can find your way. It is in beta, but they are putting together a team of location based editors or you can join and add your own. Great photography and good descriptions; we so need this in North America.
On www.treehugger.com 9 July 2007

MIMOA - Europe's Modern Architecture published, mapped, tagged, rated and reviewed
This is a site with a lot of potential. MIMOA.eu is still in beta, but it's already an incredibly useful source of information on European Architecture - and fun to use! Find information on your favorite projects or upload your own. The full site officially launches in September. Tune in to their blog for updates.
On lifewithoutbuildings.net 8 July 2007

A new website
MIMOA is a new, user-generated web page on exploring architecture in Europe that recently launched. While it's still in demo/beta mode, it looks quite impressive, if a bit sluggish and ad-heavy.
On archidose.org 28 June 2007