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Prada Aoyama epicenter

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Herzog and De Meuron
location Tokyo
function shop, showroom
contributed by olivier_van_den_hoven

Haute couture and star architecture have grown to understand each other rather well in the recent years. Major fashion brands distinguish themselves by inviting world leading architects to indulge themselves in the design of flagshipstores and extravagant showrooms. The highest density worldwide of such state of the art showpieces can arguably be found on and around Tokyo's Omotesando. One of the most impressive contributions to this phenomenon is the Prada 'epicenter'. This 33 meter high building has a façade like a membrane which is built out of wedge shaped elements that frame flat, convex and concave windows. These element also form the outer structure of the building. Closed horizontal bracings not only make the frame rigid, but also house the more private dressing rooms within this transparent building. Everything about the building tells us that money was not an issue. But perhaps the most costly design choice of all was to leave a large part of the expensive plot un-built.

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Prada Aoyama epicenter
Minami-Aoyama 5-2-6
Project is public!
Opening hours opened daily from 11am till 8pm (also on Sundays)
How to get there? the Omotesando metrostation is on the Ginza line, the Chiyoda line and the Hanzoumon line. Take exit A3 and walk into the street called Minami-Aoyama. after a short walk you get to the Prada epicenter.
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Completion 6- 2003
Floor area/size 2860 m2
ArchitectHerzog and De Meuron
lighting designerArup
associate architectTakenaka Corporation
structural engineerTakenaka Corporation
Client Prada Japan Co Ltd
Project ID 2448
Latitude/Longitude 35°39'50N 139°42'52E
Contributed by olivier_van_den_hoven
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