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Herman Hertzberger
location Amsterdam
function primary school
contributed by Wing-Ni

In the 1980s, Hertzberger designed the Apollo School, a combination of two different schools with two different educational systems. He organized all the classrooms around an internal space, an amphitheatre-like organization that has been wholeheartedly emulated since. There are smaller corridors and blocked-out areas that allow students to work outside the classrooms. The 1990s were a time of shrinking budgets for school construction in the Netherlands, said Hertzberger. To stretch the money, he spent it on creating cohesive organization. This tactic was also a response to the wave of immigration: by organizing space well, students of all languages and levels of understanding could feel comfortable.

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Willem Witsenstraat 12-14
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Completion 1983
ArchitectHerman Hertzberger
Project ID 5872
Latitude/Longitude 52°21'05N 04°52'15E
Contributed by Wing-Ni
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