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Finnish Pavilion Expo '92

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location Seville
function pavilion
contributed by stef_mimoa

This pavilion was designed by MONARK, a group of 5 young architects who had studied together at the Helsinki University of Technology, and were all under the age of twenty-five at the stage of initial design. The design of the pavilion was based on a place in central Finland where the rock is split into two parts, known as the "Shaft of Hell". The pavilion is split into two contrasting buildings, "Keel" and "Machine". The shaft is represented by the space between the two buildings, which measures fifteen meters high, thirty-five meters long and only two meters wide. The first building is made of Finnish pine and its construction is similar to the traditional way of building wooden ships, hence its name, "Keel". The other building, "Machine", is made entirely of steel. It is designed to be efficiently built and disassembled. Although the buildings are uniquely individual, it is the dramatic contrast which creates a tension between organic and industrial form.

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Finnish Pavilion Expo '92
Calle de Marie Curie
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Completion 1992
Client Finland
Project ID 7372
Latitude/Longitude 37°24'24N 06°00'21W
Contributed by stef_mimoa
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