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Herzog and De Meuron
location Basel
contributed by Tim_Smits

Südpark is located near the main Railway Station Basel SBB. The total ground floor level is designed to accommodate shops (since August 2011 the Swiss Supermarket Coop is settled in 70% of the ground floor area). The upper floors are designed around the first floor's enclosed garden. The lower part (4 floors) in the south-west side of the volume accommodates several office spaces. The higher part (9 floors) at the north-east side of the volume accommodates 100 apartments for elderly people, an elderly home with 28 beds and an internal restaurant. The inner yard is part of the elderly house. The façade of the whole building exists of a silver broom texture. The tetris like windows on the north, east and west façade make it hard to read the floor plan from the outside. The south façade is a spread of different sizes of windows at apparent places.

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Actually, I think the addresse is Meret Oppenheim-Strasse 62, 4053 Basel, Suisse.
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Opening hours Coop Supermarket: Monday to Saturday 07:00 - 22:00 h
How to get there? Basel SBB, Exit Güterstrasse
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Completion 6- 2012
Floor area/size 35200 m2
Cost € 70000000,-
ArchitectHerzog and De Meuron
Client Schweizerische Bundesbahnen (SBB), Zürich
Project ID 8609
Latitude/Longitude 47°32'44N 07°35'19E
Contributed by Tim_Smits
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