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Herzog and De Meuron
location Basel
function archive, atelier, exposition space
contributed by MI_MOA

The Schaulager ('viewing warehouse') is neither museum nor traditional warehouse. It keeps the Emanuel Hoffmann collection in optimal condition and is primarily accessible for specialists: conservators, curators, researchers etc. The heavy outer wall is built up in layers and its outer surface scratched, exposing the pebbles excavated on site. This material is not only a visual expression of weight and storage but also, as a result of its great inertia, an essential factor in the interior climate control. On one side the box is somewhat indented, creating a forecourt, so that the entrance side is visible from great distance. It appears to be guarded by a small building with a gabled roof. The courtyard-like space radiates urbanism and publicness. Schaulager is thus not simply an anonymous box on the urban periphery, but rather a place that is active and self-confident, expanding the public dimension of the city of Basel to the south, towards the new district of Dreispitz/Münchenstein.

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Schaulager is a type of ancient warehouse model building. It is located in Basel. Its exposition space and its archive are its main functions. The complete details about this building are mentioned here clearly also the photographs are also displayed here clearly.
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Caspar says:
Excellent structure, especially the interior courtyard is spot on.
Cologne, Germany 18-Aug-10
PsyArch says:
This building is magnificent. Approached from the car park it appears as an enormous cube caked thick with turd obscuring deeply inscribed hieroglyphs. Rounding the corner to the entrance one is greeted with four-storey high piece of origami cast in concrete.

The entrance, the grand reveal, is worth any distance that you have travelled. Herzog & de Meuron take the masterful modern sculpture of Donald Judd and Dan Flavin and through a triumph of subtle parallaxes bring it to the scale of a cubic death star.

The ground-floor layout for the current (August 2010) Matthew Barney exhibition takes Palladian ideals and realises them in a strictly minimal palette of materials.

The café and shop utilise local furniture maker Vitra's products: shiny, organic and white, the tables and chairs appear as monadic stalagmites fallen from the undulating ceiling.

The surprises in this building are endless. Plays of perspective and parallax, subleties of programme, and an exacting precision in the use of colour all add up to, for this commenter, an architectural epiphany.
London, United Kingdom 13-Aug-10
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Ruchfeldstrasse 19
Project is not public!
Opening hours The building is ONLY OPEN for the public during exhibitions! Check the Schaulager website for info. Tue, Wed, Fri noon – 6 p.m. Thu noon – 7 p.m. Sat, Sun 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
How to get there? By tram: Take tram No. 11, bound for Aesch, at the Swiss Railway Station SBB to "Schaulager" stop (approx. 10 min.).
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Completion 5- 2003
Floor area/size 16500 m2
ArchitectHerzog and De Meuron
Client Emanuel Hoffmann Foundation - Laurenz Foundation
Project ID 148
Latitude/Longitude 47°31'42N 07°36'40E
Contributed by MI_MOA
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