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100 11th Avenue

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Jean Nouvel
location New York, New York
function housing, restaurant
contributed by salpochtron

In 1987, maverick French architect Jean Nouvel burst onto the international scene with a new headquarters for the Arab World Institute in Paris. Over ensuing years Nouvel has woven art, history, cultural references and new building technologies into provocative architectural contrasts between inside and outside, intimacy and the urban network, and has become renowned as one of the most original designers of his generation. Nouvel's latest glass and steel landmark, a direct material and conceptual descendant of his Paris tour de force is 100 11th, a 23-story tower described by its architect as 'a vision machine' with every angle and structural detail designed to create visual excitement. Approximately 1,650 different windowpanes comprise the most highly engineered and complex curtain wall ever constructed. 100 11th overlooks the Hudson River at the intersection of 19th Street and 11th Avenue in Manhattan freshest residential neighbourhood, The Highline District.

yepiinfo says:
Very Beutifull !!! I Like This
LonDon, United Kingdom 07-May-13
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100 11th Avenue
11th Avenue 100
United States
Project is public!
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Completion 6- 2010
Floor area/size 13 m2
ArchitectJean Nouvel
Client Alf Naman Real Estate Cape Advisors, Inc.
Project ID 10663
Latitude/Longitude 40°44'47N 74°00'28W
Contributed by salpochtron
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